Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Don't think twice, use a professional!

I would like to clarified a touchy subject that comes to my ears way to often. 

Actually most home owners are aware of the difference between staging their homes compared to the unstage home.

And like any other businesses you need skill to "Home Stage" your home.

I hear peoples say: 

"My house is beautiful so is the decoration,  I don't need to stage it"
Of course your home is nice, but maybe it is not at is "Best for most of the customers"  who needs to see themselves living in your house.
You lived in your home, you have many memories and attachment, on many case you can't get past it! watch HGTV every week, you tidy up, you make it look nice for the picture and then call the Real Estate agent to list it. 
And Voila!!!
To tell you the truth The minute you decide to sell it, your home is not yours anymore! 

Out the door the routine of the everyday life...If your house is on the market you need to make it look like a home model. 
Oh yes!!!
Then you set apart your home from the others houses for sale.

It takes a professional point of view, someone neutral with a good eye to help you sell  faster for more money and attract a bigger audience!!!

The cost of staging your house is not a lot of money, when you can get top dollar for it. 
My advice don't think twice and don't waist your time or money trying to cut corners, use a professional  home stager to help you sell your house faster.
"Your investment in staging your home, will be less than your first prize reduction if unstage" 

I'm here to make your experience less stressful, don't hesitate to reach me for any questions?

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Thank you and have a lovely day! 
Sonia Daigle