Monday, December 24, 2012

Lucky Winner 2012! La gagnante 2012

I'm very pleased to announce the lucky winner of 2012 
Christmas makeover giveaway goes to Cindy Rhicard!
Cheer's Cindy
Pour le relooking 2012
je suis très heureuse d'annoncer que la gagnante est Cindy Rhicard! 

Joyeux Noël Cindy

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas makeover giveaway . Un cadeau de Noel

With Christmas around the corner...
I wish to give a free makeover of the room of your choice to one lucky fans of Decorista!
This includes a home visit and consultation where I will transform your space using what you already have. Using my expertise in spacing, layout and creativity, your home will be transformed using DIY projects, styling secrets and shopping and styling help. A value of $500 *
To participate make sure you click the "like" button at the top of my page if you're not already a fan.
View the link below
Tell me witch room you would like to have decorated and why ?
Feel free to post pictures of the room
I will announce the lucky winner on December 24, 2012!
I can't wait to start and decorated your room, how about you ?
Live in your dream decor !
P.S This apply to the one living in the Knowlton ( Lac-Brome ) and area * 
Good Luck! don't forget to tell your friends
Sonia xo

* Bromont. Granby. Cowansville. Sutton. Dunham.
Avec Noël qui approche à grands pas...
Je vous offre une journée pour transformez votre décor, à un(e) fan de Decorista!
Pour participer vous devez cliquer sur le bouton «like» en haut de ma page Facebook 
si vous n'êtes pas déjà un(e) fan. 
Voir le lien ci-dessous
Dans un premier temps je rencontrerai le ou la gagnante pour une consultation de la pièce que vous aurez choisi.
En utilisant mon expertise, l'agencement et la créativité, votre espace sera transformé à l'aide de mes secrets et du shopping! 
Une valeur de $500 *
Pour participer vous n'avez qu' à me dire quelle pièce vous aimeriez voir décorée et pourquoi?
Si vous le désirez, n'hésitez pas à publier des photos de la pièce choisie! Je vais annoncer l'heureux gagnant le 24 de Décembre 2012! J'ai très hâte de commencer à décorer votre pièceet vous? 
Vivez dans votre décor de rêve! 
P.S. Cette annonce s'applique à ceux (celles) vivants dans la région de Knowlton 
(Lac-Brome) et environs N'oubliez pas de transmettre le message à vos amis. 
Bonne Chance! Sonia xo

Bromont. Granby. Cowansville. Sutton et Dunham.
2011 lucky winners was given to Chloé Lagacé 
from Cowansville.
La gagnante de 2011 étais Chloé Lagacé 
de Cowansville.

Classic gold luminous Christmas, Noël classique et lumineux!

Glowing terms
Temper the warmth of gold with the coolness of silver to lend a sense of restrained sumptuousness...
Elements in a variety of finishes matte, shiny, slick 
and patterned creates 
extra dimensions to a classic gold luminous Christmas

...Classic gold luminous Christmas decorations
Nothing says luxe like a rich shade of gold with silver as an accent against white

Christmas is all about celebration, twinkling lights and roaring fires...
I try to make an atmosphere to remember
and enjoy time with friends and family!
I still believe in Santa Claus and the magic Christmas holidays!!!
Candles, flowers and snow white flakes 
will  make my Christmas holidays...
...Chic c'est Noël
Happy Holidays!!! 
Sonia XO 
To my lovely followers on facebook
P.S.Don't forget to enter your participation on my giveaway decor here

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Frou frou Boudoir Lamp

A boutique owner ask me to make a Frou Frou lamp for her display 
on her street windows
Here is my Boudoir Frou frou Lamp
After many research to find the perfect lamp

 I found this beautiful lamp base at a local second hand store
This was taken last night in my home 
I think i'm in LOVE
 To erase this gold design on the glass was more time consuming 
than I thought...
...Worthwhile don't you think
I forgot into the creation of this beauty, to take a Before photo 
of the shade that was expensive but in mint condition 
to complete the look I was looking for!

The reflection of the feathers on the glass is sweetness...

I used spray cans to do this kind of work 
You have to be in a well ventilated area and always use a mask during the process which I don't always do!!!
I start with a primer on the lamp base, than I apply many coats of glossy white 
and then finish with a few lacquer coats to give a shiny finish.
I let dry in between each step for least a good couple of hours.
The process can be hard for sensitive lungs but you absolutely need a Frou frou lamp Boudoir in your home!!!
 Live in your dream decor
Sonia Daigle

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mission Impossible

My First DIY Biggest Chandelier

After having bought and received my chandelier from ebay,

 I did not like the color 

Next thing I did,  I purchase some lacquer spray paint 

in black and started to work

 You can see it better here the color copper ?

 I did the project while our new home 

was in constructions 
 It took me 4 cans of spray paint and lots of patience ...

  The hard part came when ready to be hang on top of the staircases

 without braking any one of the crystals from the chandelier ??

My electrician is about 5 foot 6 inches 

and the ladder was border line big enough to reach 

the 20 foot ceiling...

After 3 others persons help the electrician was up in the air

 holding, screwing, installing

standing from one foot and still smiling!Ouf...

   The chandelier was installed after 20 min!!!

 From here you can understand the intensity of my story!

Done, Mission Impossible accomplished!

After looking in my area for chandeliers I was astonish

about their cost...I browse on eBay for days

It is amazing the deals you can find there

 More and more I buy for my customers as well 

buying on line is safe and fast. 
So far I purchase 8 chandeliers for the prize of 
1 in a store ! 
Do you buy on the internet or your'e to scare ?  
Have a fabulous day 

Sonia Daigle

Monday, November 5, 2012

My work ♥ Mes réalisations

Read the story behind this Frou frou boudoir lamp Before/After
Link how I got this huge and black Chandelier up there!
Click the link and see how you can recreate this gorgeous
feathers lampshade 
What happens when you lose one feet of a tiny powder room....
Click here

See the before and after of this Bedside table 
...All the best places in the world have huge bouquets of flowers to greet you. If you can't get fresh flowers every week, nothing stop you to have something to look at all year long!
Link to see how I create my own and greet my guest with Flowers
More Summer/Autumn and Halloween
For more photo view Before/after living room 
Get more Christmas decor link Here
I have unfinished projects and more photos to come
If you live in the area please view my affordable services here
There is only one way to live and it's in your dream decor!
 Sonia Daigle