Monday, April 2, 2012

Before, After Living room

...When changing your furniture, always measure the space you live in
Then make sure you buy something not only beautiful but also comfortable and easy to maintain!
  Depending on your house needs and traffic and in mind where the new furniture will set place.
When I first moved into my new home I kept most of my furniture
.. for fun one day, I decided to posted my red sofa on Facebook. 
To my surprise, 2 days later it was sold!!! 
No more red sofa,  empty space it is
Now off I go choose the perfect white sofa to fit in my living area
Lucky me I found my sofa after 1 day of shopping
 A white living room was a dream of mine
What a girl wants, what a girl needs whatever makes me happy sets you free..
(Lyrics from Christina Aguilera)
If you are not attached to material, you can redecorate any rooms of your home! 
In a matter of  a flash I changed my living space and without any regrets
After all it is only materials...
My wish came true and my dog is happy!!!