Friday, December 14, 2012

Classic gold luminous Christmas, Noël classique et lumineux!

Glowing terms
Temper the warmth of gold with the coolness of silver to lend a sense of restrained sumptuousness...
Elements in a variety of finishes matte, shiny, slick 
and patterned creates 
extra dimensions to a classic gold luminous Christmas

...Classic gold luminous Christmas decorations
Nothing says luxe like a rich shade of gold with silver as an accent against white

Christmas is all about celebration, twinkling lights and roaring fires...
I try to make an atmosphere to remember
and enjoy time with friends and family!
I still believe in Santa Claus and the magic Christmas holidays!!!
Candles, flowers and snow white flakes 
will  make my Christmas holidays...
...Chic c'est Noël
Happy Holidays!!! 
Sonia XO 
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