Thursday, November 8, 2012

Frou frou Boudoir Lamp

A boutique owner ask me to make a Frou Frou lamp for her display 
on her street windows
Here is my Boudoir Frou frou Lamp
After many research to find the perfect lamp

 I found this beautiful lamp base at a local second hand store
This was taken last night in my home 
I think i'm in LOVE
 To erase this gold design on the glass was more time consuming 
than I thought...
...Worthwhile don't you think
I forgot into the creation of this beauty, to take a Before photo 
of the shade that was expensive but in mint condition 
to complete the look I was looking for!

The reflection of the feathers on the glass is sweetness...

I used spray cans to do this kind of work 
You have to be in a well ventilated area and always use a mask during the process which I don't always do!!!
I start with a primer on the lamp base, than I apply many coats of glossy white 
and then finish with a few lacquer coats to give a shiny finish.
I let dry in between each step for least a good couple of hours.
The process can be hard for sensitive lungs but you absolutely need a Frou frou lamp Boudoir in your home!!!
 Live in your dream decor
Sonia Daigle