Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mission Impossible

My First DIY Biggest Chandelier

After having bought and received my chandelier from ebay,

 I did not like the color 

Next thing I did,  I purchase some lacquer spray paint 

in black and started to work

 You can see it better here the color copper ?

 I did the project while our new home 

was in constructions 
 It took me 4 cans of spray paint and lots of patience ...

  The hard part came when ready to be hang on top of the staircases

 without braking any one of the crystals from the chandelier ??

My electrician is about 5 foot 6 inches 

and the ladder was border line big enough to reach 

the 20 foot ceiling...

After 3 others persons help the electrician was up in the air

 holding, screwing, installing

standing from one foot and still smiling!Ouf...

   The chandelier was installed after 20 min!!!

 From here you can understand the intensity of my story!

Done, Mission Impossible accomplished!

After looking in my area for chandeliers I was astonish

about their cost...I browse on eBay for days

It is amazing the deals you can find there

 More and more I buy for my customers as well 

buying on line is safe and fast. 
So far I purchase 8 chandeliers for the prize of 
1 in a store ! 
Do you buy on the internet or your'e to scare ?  
Have a fabulous day 

Sonia Daigle